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Open vacancies

Join a dynamic, remote-friendly and multicultural team.

Chief Technology and
Innovation Officer

The mission of the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO) is to lead the technological and business innovation of the company with both external and internal focus (client services and business processes).

Marketing Campaign Manager
(Part-time or Freelance)

The main goal of the Marketing Campaign Manager is to increase the number of visits to our website and improve and optimise conversions, focusing on incrementing requests by better segmentation and pre-qualification of visitors.

Sales Manager for
DACH (German native)

The objective of the Senior Sales Agent for DACH is to close agreements for pop-up actions by arranging rental agreements between landlords and tenants, along with managing projects with suppliers.

Junior Graphic Designer +
UX Support (Intern)

The objective of the Junior Graphic Designer and UX Support is to apply the Corporate Image and Branding standards and support the Art Director in generating high-quality graphic content, especially for social media.

Project Manager – Barcelona

The main goal for a Project Manager at Go—PopUp is to support the sales team, working together with providers and partners to implement pop-up actions for brands all round Europe, including design, production, operations and communication.

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