Broadcast to the world.

Run a live show directly in your own site.
Interact real time with your audience
globally and promote your best products.

Integrate it in any platform.

Create your event through a Broadcast Studio and simply embed the code into your site.


Increase conversion
from traffic to sales.

Ride the wave of live stream shopping
trend, offering a richer customer

Create an event

Provide details of your live
show. We’ll get back at you
with the code to be

Manage the livestream

Run the live show through the
Broadcast Studio.

Connect to the world

Interact with customers
through the chat and link
each product to the

Are you joining the live video shopping revolution?

While 3/4 of the millennials confirm that videos are playing an important role in the decision making process for online shopping, livestream shopping is already one of the major announced trends for 2024. Brands from all over the world are trying to fill the gap between digital and physical, offering users a different customer experience.

  • Set up a live show. Share all the details about your live through our Broadcast Studio. 
  • Page creation. We will create and customise the page with your branding requirements and add the product catalogue.
  • Integrate. Finally,  we’ll provide you with the iframe code to embed in your website.

Once you launch your live show, users will be able to watch it from their devices (mainly expected mobile). They can ask questions through the chat and interact. They can click on the products and go to the “add to chart” screen without losing the view of the live show.

Embedding the code is pretty straightforward. Frontend-only, it works with every web platform. You can always get a help by speaking to our team!

It’s always nice when you go live, however, you will be also able to work with pre-recorded material if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Your brand identity will be reflected on the embedded livestream page, both in terms of colours and fonts. We will make sure to respect the logo and any other feature that is important to your branding.

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