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Fill recurrent space voids.

Temporary actions can easily complete your rental calendar.

Maximise you returns.

Short-time rentals are more profitable than you think.

Revitalise your space.

A great pop-up action brings value and prestige to your property.

Brands look for all kinds of unique spaces.


Pop-up stores


Event Rooms




Outdoor yards

How to rent out your space?

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Increase your

Brands are more interested in short-time renting.

Increase your
earning potential

Pop-ups actions are more likely to ensure higher return.

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We are here to help you with your hosting experience.

Brands from all around the world are ready to find you.

Manage bookings from your own website with Space Manager.

Choose the city and search for the perfect venue. Pop-up experiences are just a click away.

List your Space on Go—PopUp

Join the community of Go—PopUp Hosts and add your spaces to the MarketPlace. 


  • Get bookings from the Go—PopUp platform.
  • Message brands through the Go—PopUp system.
  • Increase your incomes and revenues.

List your Space on your own Website

Manage the rental process from your own platform subscribing to Space Manager. 

30,00 euro/month (+1 month free)

300,00 euro/year (+2 months free

  • Free demo months
  • Get full support from our team.
  • Boost visibility and attractiveness
  • Manage voids and space rotation at your own pace.
  • Interpret performances through the KPI dashboard.
  • Reduce time of managing requests by 80%.

Everything a landlord needs.

Premium Services

Consult our experts to transform, redesign and refresh your properties.

Promote your space

Maximise ranking visibility in the platform.

Get professional photos

Listings with impressive pictures increase bookings. Always.

Having doubts? We’ve got you covered.

Join the GoPopUp platform by signing up here. After the registration process, click on “List my Space” and follow the steps to create as many spaces as you want. We will ask you to provide, among others, your space’s location, purposes, pictures, conditions. Once it’s done, your space will be published on the Marketplace and available to renters from all around the world.

Through the Go-PopUp platform, hosts will be able to receive requests by Brands or Agencies and start a dialogue. Once the parties have reached an agreement, the Brand/Agency can send a reservation request. This does not mean that the Space is automatically booked. The host should, within established times, accept or deny the request, in accordance with the availability of the property or other circumstances.

To complete the contracting process, the Brand/Agency must accept the final price shown in the platform, and carry out payment through the virtual POS or any other means of payment available. Once the agreement has been confirmed and the payment received, Go-PopUp will notify both parties, along with the legally required documentation at all times. Go-PopUp will be responsible for transferring to the host the price obtained by the in the conditions agreed with it.

You will invoice the rental service directly to the Brand/Agency. Make sure to break down your VAT fee. This invoice will be sent to theGo—PopUp team. Eventually, we will invoice you the “host managing costs” breaking down the VAT tax (15% of rental costs). Through this process, we ensure an optimal management to both parties. We usually ask the Brand/Agency to pay in advance, so the reservation is confirmed. As soon as we receive the payments and the invoices from both host and tenant, we will pay the total amount of the rental service to you, breaking down the management costs.

Go—PopUp only invoices a service fee for a confirmed transaction. The upload and request of spaces and the dialogue between owner and tenant is free. Go—PopUp, applies as management costs a commission of 15% to the owners.

Yes, you can promote your space for free to get more reservations. This is recommended especially when you publish your space for the first time.

Every landlord should know what is the tax rate to be applied to their leases or services based on their country’s regulations. Make sure to check yours. Don’t forget that as Go—PopUp we apply the standard Spanish VAT rate for services as the only tax (21%).

More questions?

Landlord Reviews

Your success is our success too. Thank you for choosing us!

"We love the idea to share spaces! Sharing is caring! And like these win-win situations can arise for everyone involved." Anna Karsch
"Go—PopUp facilitates, with their website and services, that our store is easily found by interesting international customers." Dorieke Mulder
"300 bartenders and sober vodkas, fine art on t-shirts and Deluxe cashmere – these are just some of the young founders that found their way to us through Go—PopUp. Thanks for your kind support and speedy replies. All these new exciting labels add to the „genius loci“ of our space. And most of them now have their own shop here in the hood." Isabel Schrimpf
Best of

Landlord Reviews

Your success is our success too. Thank you for choosing us!

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